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Education Beyond Excellence!

A Message from the Chairman

Education is the process of continuous growth and is lifelong. Educational Institutions should be the home and repository of fresh thoughts and new orientations. Whatever may be the transformation, it will be clear that education has two main aspects – the cultural aspects which make a person grow and, the production aspect which makes a person do things. These two aspects are not exclusive of each other. Education, science-based and coherent with Indian culture and values, alone can provide the foundation for the nation’s security and welfare.


Message from the Secretary

Education is a reflection of good civilisation, which helps us to be a good being. Our college works to mould the young minds. We just not only educate the students but also how to apply the source of knowledge in the society, when it is in need. We believe in literal practice than the text books. We teach them how to combat in this competitive world, which prevents from the alienation.

Our institution’s main focus is to yield wakefulness for the students about their social and national responsibilities. We provide wide opportunities for the student’s right from the first year in many sorts of events, which establish their self- confidence to stand unique from others.

Our institutions, motive was put together in a word called “Education” like “Gurukulam” where we teach not only about the texts but about all the ethic, tactics and values of moral life.

We appreciate the soulful education agility than the mechanical systems.

We work hard to bring out the intensive and critical thinking ideas among the students, also to open the young mind for their abundance triumph.