The Library transactions are carried out by Bar Code Technology. It has the facility of Web OPAC-online search. So the library catalogue can be accessed through intranet, in future through internet. And the library is being subscribed to the E-resources.

Institutional Memberships

We have institutional memberships with the following institutions,

  1. 1. ELNET (Developing Library Network), New Del
  2. 2. BCL (British Council Library), Chennai

Digital Library

It has a collection of CDs and Floppy Disks, around 2100 of all disciplines including sources like GRE,GMAT, TOEFL, ISI codes etc. In addition, 300 Audio and Video Cassettes are available in the department Libraries. It provides a number of Online Electronic Database like IEEE, ACM, ASME and ASCE online CD-ROM databases. Proquest science online journals are also available in CD-ROMs.


  • Library Area

    815 sqm

  • Books

    Volumes - 40385
    Titles - 10509

  • Periodicals

    Journals & Magazines - 120
    International - 105

  • Working Hours

    From 8.00 A.M. To 8.00 P.M. on all working days.

  • Budget

    The total budget for the past 12 years is 2.4 . Crores