Department of Computer Science and Engineering


The CSE Department has outstanding faculty expertise supporting a wide range of research and instruction in traditional and emerging areas of computer science and engineering

The department continues to grow at a rapid pace in terms of academic activities, publications, and national and international service and recognition.

The Department regularly organizes a series of lectures by academicians and professionals of the highest repute, which lay stress on the latest innovative technologies in the field of Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology, The Department is partnered by IIT-Bombay for setting up laboratory and organizing workshop and seminar designed with worldclass curriculum. It provides the state-of-the-art research, instructional, and laboratory facilities.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Apply the necessary mathematical tools and fundamental & advanced knowledge of computer science & engineering.

  • Develop computer/software/network systems understanding the importance of social.

  • Articulate fundamental concepts, design underpinnings of computer/software/network systems, and research findings.

  • Pursue life-long learning and research in selected fields of computer science & engineering and contribute to the growth of those fields and society at large.

Programme Outcomes

  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and an engineering specializationto the conceptualization of engineering models.

  • Identify, formulate, research literature and solve complexengineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics andengineering sciences.


Department imparts value education in the field of Computer Science and Engineering to confer deep insights of the rapid advancements in the changing domain.


  • To provide knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Engineering that will develop professional behavior and leadershipabilities in the young minds, by promoting practical teaching and research oriented activities.

  • To produce successful engineers with social and professional responsibilities for commitment to lifelong learning.